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Zelen underground was really fun i wish they would bring it back Feb 19, 00:03
Sovi Me and my friends would spend hours mining for stuff together lol! Feb 18, 23:54
Sovi Yess and I loved the underground local!! Feb 18, 23:53
Zelen Diamond was good game :) IV metagame was my favorite because it was first time we could use wi-fi to battle world wide lol Feb 18, 23:49
Sovi Because shortly after I got it, I got Diamond, so I never played LG lol Feb 18, 23:49
Sovi And omggg I gave my LG away for free.... Feb 18, 23:48
Sovi Thanks for the tips!! I'll be sure to be careful when i buy :D Feb 18, 23:48
Zelen i got like 12€ from it -.- Feb 18, 23:40
Zelen i feel like idiot because i sold my own LG years ago to gamestop Feb 18, 23:40
Zelen but yeah online is prolly best bet to find :D just make sure they got good screenshots of their carts Feb 18, 23:39
Zelen it said which made it sound like its some bootleg lol Feb 18, 23:39
Zelen i was about to buy some used Leaf Green for GBA but there was something weird about the cardbox... Feb 18, 23:38
Zelen yeah and even those there are lots of fakes around Feb 18, 23:38
Sovi Might have to check on like... kijiji or craig's list or something, even Feb 18, 23:34
Sovi And yeah the old games can be hard to track down for sure... It'll be sheer luck if I find one at my local shop OTL Feb 18, 23:33
Sovi Wow that's nice!! Aw it's nice to have a game you two can play together :D Feb 18, 23:33
Zelen local ebay heart gold for example is like... 90€ Feb 18, 23:30
Zelen but yeah other games are hard to come by :( Feb 18, 23:30
Zelen i gave ultra moon to my husband just to force him to play with me~ Feb 18, 23:29
Zelen she was like yes yes take them xD Feb 18, 23:29
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