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Ransam3 I see that importing gen 4 Pokemon still doesn't work. I hope that gets fixed soon! Dec 5, 07:58
Szane677 how do i get traded items Dec 4, 18:23
Reshiro Has anybody been able to successfully upload a Pokemon? Dec 4, 13:48
Gennerwu why registering my savefile doesn't work? Dec 3, 02:30
Reshiro What does Error 13275 mean? Dec 2, 20:08
Pedroacm hey, how do you import .pkm files for gen 4? Everytime i try the page only refreshes, but if i import a gen 4 as gen 5 it works but i don't want that. Dec 2, 17:29
Schick69 I can download pokemon with no problem, I just can't upload for some reason. Dec 2, 15:41
Luis18 It works on actual game cards Dec 2, 14:58
Tayllus Does this still work on legit game cards or have to be emulated/action replay now? Dec 2, 14:43
Schick69 Still 13275 for me. Dec 2, 12:54
Shishato It works for me now Dec 2, 08:19
Shishato Error 13275 anyone? Dec 2, 03:43
Ajaxkar Seems like the servers are temporarily down (or they are overcrowded, which I doubt it). Let's try again later Dec 1, 00:33
Ben76 Anyone know how to fix error 13275? Nov 30, 11:37
Paladinn <-- AltWFC···lator/wiki Nov 29, 18:51
Lunarsun I thought Nintendo closed the Wifi for Gen 4 and 5 games? How does this website work now? Nov 29, 17:47
Paladinn Anyone having problems connecting to PokéCheck using TP-Link routers as a secondary? Can't use it at all for anything while it has WEP enabled. Nov 29, 17:38
1random Not all pokemon made it. I had a Shiny Kyurem that is gone. I just uploaded it again and it says its unique Nov 29, 12:52
Poohcrea Can I get pokemon in bank like this or what? Nov 29, 00:10
Ctrnthom Awesome my pokes are still here. Nov 28, 14:50
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