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Savagep you cant use connection with wpa password it has to be wep Jun 11, 18:29
Savagep btw for people who cant connect with gen4 Jun 11, 18:28
Savagep item list is in faq Jun 11, 18:27
Mkohler first try and it worked perfectly Jun 11, 16:35
Rixazur everything works for 4th gen, just tried on SS Jun 11, 12:03
Nellow error 52100 Jun 11, 10:45
Nellow I get error again, I have the dns changed in wifi 3ds, I am connected from the computer with the same network and try to connect to the cwf of nintendo and still does not work Jun 11, 10:44
Santoosh God it worked :o Jun 11, 08:08
Qbiz Where do you see this item list? Jun 11, 00:48
Nellow still not work Jun 10, 19:18
Savagep just make sure that this site is on a same ip as ur ds Jun 10, 16:02
Savagep everything is working fine for me at least Jun 10, 16:01
Nellow is the gen 4 server still working? It falls out when I try to connect :( Jun 10, 15:07
Assdddff and does this work with gen 4? Jun 10, 14:15
Assdddff so does this still wokr Jun 10, 14:14
Savagep and also there s a list of items that can be transfered Jun 10, 09:39
Savagep why do people ask these questions when everything is written in features and news Jun 10, 09:38
Tsubame I think he meant if this site is safe & doesn't edit/modify your Pokemon Jun 9, 15:58
Qbiz What you mean by "reliable"? Jun 9, 10:57
Qbiz I tried to get Earthquake TM on a mon in HG and the item was gone too :/ Jun 9, 10:57
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