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Wrecdude can you activate cute charm glitch with ids Apr 22, 07:18
Ultimawa That doesn't work at all Apr 21, 08:45
Savagep system doesnt recognize great marsh just like it doesnt recognize cave of origin but if u know where u got it what does it matter Apr 20, 03:22
Diogofd8 unknown encounter Apr 19, 18:08
Diogofd8 croagunk caught at lv27 in Great Marsh is shown as Apr 19, 18:08
Diogofd8 are devs still fixing bugs? Apr 19, 18:07
Thegeek oh you're right opps Apr 18, 10:16
Wojtekja platinum is gen 4 Apr 17, 09:30
Thegeek sorry Apr 17, 08:04
Thegeek i don't think it works for platinum only works for ten 4 and 5] Apr 17, 08:03
Lukinha9 does this work ? im using platinum and searching for a Bidoof and nothing Apr 16, 22:22
Lukinha9 hello ? Apr 16, 22:21
Thegeek :) i love this sooooo much!! i have not done this in years sooooooo fun Apr 16, 13:15
Elpenny marche nickel ^^ Apr 16, 11:17
Thegeek i haven't done this in years so fun Apr 15, 14:06
Thegeek it works like a charm amazing Apr 15, 14:05
Us17cv12 Thanks now i can fill the dex Apr 14, 17:18
Kavarian welp, this isn't working for me Apr 14, 13:28
Andre207 pokemon with 5 shiny leaf exist for gen 4? Apr 13, 11:12
Agate you cant deposit pokemon in gen 5 but you can send a battle video using the poke classic network's dns Apr 11, 19:54
Evonnaro Will uploading to the GTS be back soon? Or is that permenant. Apr 11, 08:57
Pandabar cool now that I have it again #4706982 Apr 9, 14:48
Winters1 I cant believe it, after all these years Pokecheck is back online Apr 9, 14:46
Docpaine I can’t believe this works again! Technology truly is amazing... that and a dedicated community! Apr 9, 09:50
Kevlau13 je pense quéffectivement la g 5 n'est pas encore devellopper Apr 9, 06:20
Mewblue4 I was talking about gts Apr 7, 13:41
Mewblue4 I get the error though Apr 7, 13:39
Shinyshu It does work, even with WPA Apr 7, 13:22
Mewblue4 So this doesn’t work with gen 5? Apr 7, 10:53
Jack7061 Is gen 5 impossible? Apr 6, 20:54
Arlosnan we need a filter for pokeballs, it would be great Apr 6, 14:51
Julio2c OMFG it still works, luv it Apr 6, 13:57
Bpcasd Search filters need an option to search for what type of ball the Pokémon is in. Apr 5, 11:49
Peterggg this works again in gen 4?? Apr 4, 13:35
Bibbio9 works pretty well Apr 3, 10:23
Youngowl having issues with gen 4? anyone else? Apr 3, 05:39
Okyessir hoooooooolyyyyyyy shiiiiiiiitttttttt after 6 years... Apr 2, 07:00
Cloveon oof Apr 1, 08:31
Hinoaras エラーコード60000が出てGTSに行けない・・・ Mar 30, 11:57
Hinoaras これってもう使えないの? Mar 30, 11:34
Agate Hey anyone know why I can't upload a battle video in gen V? Mar 28, 16:34
Oaisjdao gooodamn Mar 26, 15:10
Oaisjdao holy shit is this back up Mar 26, 15:10
Raees122 does anyone have a link to a wroking gts were u can upload your pokemon Mar 26, 13:48
Maikmay Hey guys, you can use the classic pokemon gts with this page Mar 25, 18:53
Racso373 The Random Matchup Is Working? For Battles, Obviously Mar 24, 16:22
Hyperl i so happy Mar 23, 18:48
Hyperl oml this actually work Mar 23, 18:48
Zapdos26 Getting a communication error when uploading a video using the DNS for Gen V. Am I missing something? Mar 22, 21:49
Locolo Why am I unable to upload a battle video using gen 5? Mar 21, 17:19
M9102913 why sometimes I can't download pokemon though I'm connecting the same internet Mar 17, 21:29
Riddis hey guys can i make pokemon for my pokemon platinum ?? Mar 17, 03:50
Seanie10 I think the dns server needs to change Mar 16, 12:45
Raees122 can we have a rip for pokegts Mar 16, 11:10
NEGAN this site block dsi browser some reason Mar 16, 08:48
Jiraja12 it feels like 2011 again Mar 15, 22:30
Jiraja12 holy crap this works! Mar 15, 22:30
Raees122 Actually it worked for the second time Mar 14, 14:02
Raees122 so far not good Mar 14, 14:01
Raees122 wish me luck bois Mar 14, 13:58
Raees122 going to test this on a fake soul silver game from ebay Mar 14, 13:58
Minghe yay im getting all the version exclusives i didnt have. thanks! Mar 14, 07:17
Eddiezj Gen 6 & 7 support would be great but i doubt it at this point. Mar 13, 20:52
Jakismar Somebody ring the Dinkster? Mar 12, 15:26
Avavago oh wow nevermind im stupid Mar 12, 04:34
Avavago anyone know specifically how to make gen 4, in my case, soul silver work? i think im able to connect to the internet but im met with an error code 71020... Mar 12, 04:33
Wolngpng Gen 5 don't work I swear Mar 8, 15:58
Plumex I get error : 13275 when I try to deposit a pokemon. How can I fix this? Mar 8, 14:49
Toshinw You can't. Mar 7, 13:36
Cpanzi Is there a way to send Pkmn to Gen 4 without a Premier Ribbon attached? Mar 6, 13:39
M9102913 but I can't send my pokemon up to gts on my white Mar 4, 16:23
Cat23 on gts Mar 4, 14:17
Cat23 why are the items not showing up on white 2 Mar 4, 14:15
M9102913 can i get my sid in english white? Mar 4, 08:25
31x6 Just logging in to say it's nice to see pokecheck back up. Thanks devs! Mar 3, 23:12
Reliant I figured it out. I accessed this site through my ds browser. It was an issue to do with the IP address cause I was using my phone's hotspot Mar 3, 21:35
Shinyshu Try registering your sav file @reliant Mar 3, 21:19
Reliant I have a Pokemon queued for gen 4 but isn't showing up when I enter the GTS? No error code, I enter fine. Just not getting it Mar 3, 20:51
Wolngpng I didn't realise it made much a difference, since I have it pulled up on laptop rn, thats prolly why ,y stuff keeps disappearing Mar 3, 17:04
Crows oh Mar 3, 17:02
Crows my phone is not on the same ip, and it can't be because it's hosting the hotspot. Mar 3, 17:01
Wolngpng I had the site pulled up on my phone Mar 3, 17:01
Wolngpng I used mobile hotspot aswell n it seemed fine Mar 3, 17:00
Reliant Will gen 5 uploading ever come back :( Mar 3, 16:56
Crows problem is i can't connect to this site from the same ip as my ds cause i'm going off mobile hotspot Mar 3, 16:53
Wolngpng what I did was start a new account, upload one, leave gts, and refresh pokecheck. sure enough it appeared. I know for a fact it'll act up if you do more than one at a time Mar 3, 16:51
Wolngpng meaning the transaction didn't work Mar 3, 16:50
Wolngpng it takes you to the main page if its empty Mar 3, 16:50
Wolngpng yh it was buggy for me the first time round too, sometimes they dont appear Mar 3, 16:49
Crows also the 'unclaimed pokemon from my ip' button takes me to... the main page... Mar 3, 16:42
Crows says the site is down, even tho i'm accessing it fine on my phone Mar 3, 16:34
Crows my comp refuses to access this site and i can't make my phone connect to its own hotspot so i figured registering my save was the way to go Mar 3, 16:33
Wolngpng when you first upload something it appears in the 'unclaimed pokemon from my ip' section, go there, tick the box next to the mon and assign with your account Mar 3, 16:32
Wolngpng tbf I ddn't need the bidoof for it Mar 3, 16:31
Crows gen 4 on ds lite. not finding the bidoof Mar 3, 16:25
Vegito72 When gen 5 gts like pokeclassic Mar 3, 10:25
KIKOF01 so this work again? and only for 4 gen and 5 gen? Mar 3, 10:08
Roacturn im so angry with this Mar 3, 05:31
Roacturn it*^ Mar 3, 05:30
Roacturn why the fk i got the cofde from the scientist and got rejected by the webpage and i cannot longer see i Mar 3, 05:30
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