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Tackrad i'm just cautious about downloading stuff Jun 17, 22:20
Qbiz If you're hacking don't bother making them legal if you can't google lol Jun 17, 10:51
Tsubame Lol it's been 5+ years I haven't said this, but... no one here is going to help you hack @Tackrad Jun 17, 09:30
Tackrad i was using Pokedit i uploaded to here & it says Invalid trash bytes can someone help me? Jun 16, 22:02
Jskoes Can you upload pokemon from gen 5 now? Jun 16, 18:55
Zkrmshck I can't search for bidoof on platinum, can anyone help? Jun 16, 00:23
Idrofun I can’t See Pokémon in thé site Jun 14, 15:44
Povida never mind its working now Jun 13, 13:06
Povida can someone help me? im getting error 20110 from pokemon soul silver when i try to connect to the gts in game Jun 13, 11:48
Xkniv4s ye you need same ip to get the pokemon from the queue, but idk about the upload restrictions youre talking about Jun 13, 04:09
Tsukiuta Is it true that Save File Registration is currently impossible due to the upload restrictions currently enforced by AltWFC? And if so, is it true that using Pokécheck requires the use of the same IP? Jun 13, 00:59
Tsukiuta This will sound like a question with an obvious answer.. I apologize in advance. Jun 13, 00:58
Zkrmshck is gen 5 working? I see that it doesn't on home but I'm seeing in the chat that it works Jun 13, 00:04
Nellow now it works, I think it stops working because of the signal in the rain haha Jun 12, 19:33
Gabyroll nunca nem vi Jun 12, 12:33
Ghost133 I'm creating my .pkm files via pokedit, is there any reason the pokemon names are japanese when gen 4? gen 5 works fine Jun 12, 07:30
Savagep for gen5 you can use whatever cuz gen5 was realised on dsi and dsi supports wpa and wpa2 i belive Jun 11, 18:38
Savagep for iphone users a better phone Jun 11, 18:33
Savagep and make sure that you queue or check pokemon on your phone Jun 11, 18:31
Savagep so if you re using 3ds or dsi u cant just set wpa connection and expect it to work cuz gen4 is older than that so what you need to do is either remove password or simply setup pass free m hotspot Jun 11, 18:31
Savagep you cant use connection with wpa password it has to be wep Jun 11, 18:29
Savagep btw for people who cant connect with gen4 Jun 11, 18:28
Savagep item list is in faq Jun 11, 18:27
Mkohler first try and it worked perfectly Jun 11, 16:35
Rixazur everything works for 4th gen, just tried on SS Jun 11, 12:03
Nellow error 52100 Jun 11, 10:45
Nellow I get error again, I have the dns changed in wifi 3ds, I am connected from the computer with the same network and try to connect to the cwf of nintendo and still does not work Jun 11, 10:44
Santoosh God it worked :o Jun 11, 08:08
Qbiz Where do you see this item list? Jun 11, 00:48
Nellow still not work Jun 10, 19:18
Savagep just make sure that this site is on a same ip as ur ds Jun 10, 16:02
Savagep everything is working fine for me at least Jun 10, 16:01
Nellow is the gen 4 server still working? It falls out when I try to connect :( Jun 10, 15:07
Assdddff and does this work with gen 4? Jun 10, 14:15
Assdddff so does this still wokr Jun 10, 14:14
Savagep and also there s a list of items that can be transfered Jun 10, 09:39
Savagep why do people ask these questions when everything is written in features and news Jun 10, 09:38
Tsubame I think he meant if this site is safe & doesn't edit/modify your Pokemon Jun 9, 15:58
Qbiz What you mean by "reliable"? Jun 9, 10:57
Qbiz I tried to get Earthquake TM on a mon in HG and the item was gone too :/ Jun 9, 10:57
Teriaqi is this site reliable? Jun 9, 07:39
Fluffyfl its lit, i got a shiny oddish named weed Jun 9, 05:52
Fennex5 Although When i Used a Pokemon Holding a Azure flute there was no item probably because it was a key item.. Jun 8, 15:20
Fennex5 Works Lika a Charm! Jun 8, 15:19
Llamaluv its not working for me :{ Jun 8, 11:23
Bibbio9 it works with every pokemon on ds and on 3ds, from 4 to 5 gen Jun 8, 10:56
Jskoes I have tested pokecheck with Diamond, HeartGold, SoulSilver, White and Black 2 works on all of them Jun 7, 22:19
Qbiz If BW2 has GTS then it should. I personally don't own BW2 so can't test Jun 7, 14:13
Xkniv4s Does Pokecheck work on BW 2 Edition? Jun 7, 12:12
Qbiz Works fine on my HG, try resetting WFC settings Jun 6, 00:38
Dianetic Hey, getting 51099 in HeartGold. Any way I can get around this? Jun 5, 12:20
Awe105 Okay, will try that when I get chance, thanks Jun 4, 13:31
Qbiz someone tell me a fun team to play through Heart Gold xD Jun 4, 11:15
Qbiz Also uploads don't work Jun 4, 08:08
Qbiz Make sure you logged in only on the school PC Jun 4, 08:06
Awe105 Figured I'd post here as nowhere else to... Trying to connect in G4 to Pokecheck w/ a college network (no android to hotspot). Able to get into GTS w/o receiving WFC end error. However, not receiving queued pokemon and not successful in uploading to account (nothing shows when I search for pidgey either). DS and computer that queued are on same network. Could anyone help? Jun 3, 15:25
Qbiz Nice Jun 1, 06:01
Tsukiuta I've successfully emptied a queue of 17 Pokémon – all DW. Thank you all again. May 31, 20:45
Tsukiuta Thank you. I'll try that in a few. May 31, 18:45
WoLngPng Just didnt know how to word it properly, queueing on mobile works May 31, 18:45
WoLngPng Yeah thats the issue I had at first too May 31, 18:44
Tsukiuta *to connect to PokéCheck May 31, 18:26
Tsukiuta I can only use my mobile hotspot to do so; so, would I simply queue the 'mon via mobile browser? May 31, 18:25
Tsukiuta I'm stupid.. The connection must be made on the same IP used to queue the Pokémon. May 31, 18:25
Qbiz At worst we could exchange friend codes and trade oldschool way May 31, 16:15
Qbiz On White you have the Wi-Fi settings, test connection to the DNS first before trying GTS May 31, 16:14
Tsukiuta I appreciate your assistance, regardless. May 31, 12:16
Tsukiuta I've attempted to connect at least 10 times to the same IP. Since uploading Pokémon isn't possible, I can't register my save, either. May 31, 12:14
WoLngPng Well bullshit aside, I hope the guy gets his buneary May 30, 20:50
Savagep whatever you prefer :) May 30, 20:48
WoLngPng Quite literally, sometimes even gold or silver May 30, 20:47
Savagep things arent grey here its either black or white May 30, 20:46
Savagep well there s no method in it May 30, 20:46
Savagep well by saying just repeat multiple times it will work eventually May 30, 20:45
WoLngPng I just love how it's absolute blasphemy to you that my method may just work May 30, 20:45
Savagep y May 30, 20:45
WoLngPng Nobody said it was rng May 30, 20:44
Savagep well i guess you re boy wonder then May 30, 20:44
WoLngPng I agree with you there lol May 30, 20:44
Savagep this aint no rng May 30, 20:44
WoLngPng I have it set up correctly, uploading works perfectly fine, but dowloads will never happen immediately May 30, 20:43
Savagep thats bs May 30, 20:43
WoLngPng 'Should' being the key word. Just cuz it should work first time no prob doesn't mean it will, not for everyone anyway May 30, 20:42
Savagep well if you re using the same connection and if dns is correctly written everything should work without fail May 30, 20:41
Savagep there s no 50 50 either its set up correctly or not May 30, 20:40
WoLngPng Essentially, 'just do it right' genius May 30, 20:39
Savagep instructions May 30, 20:39
Savagep set everything the way you re supposed to and boom it will work May 30, 20:39
Savagep its simple May 30, 20:38
WoLngPng Works for me man, if you gots a solution, lets hear it einstein May 30, 20:38
Savagep thats like saying fk damn my math isnt correct oh wait a sec ill do the same thing multiple times its gonna end up ok eventually May 30, 20:34
Savagep thats not how it works lol if you did everything right it will work on a first try May 30, 20:31
Wolngpng Just repeatedly go in n out of gts, it'll show up eventually May 30, 20:13
Tsukiuta Hmm.. I'm not receiving the Buneary I queued for download.. May 30, 16:29
Savagep you can upload videos not pokemon themselves and it works with any battle video May 29, 18:43
Kyky9923 Does this work for pokemon xandy May 29, 18:24
Qbiz Lol I relogged on pokecheck and surprise surprise I can download again just fine May 29, 16:52
Qbiz wut May 29, 16:18
Lwz123 wut May 29, 16:02
Qbiz Yes, just go into wifi settings and set the primary DNS May 29, 15:52
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