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Seanie10 Is there an app on iPhone they can use to connect this to our make a hotspot not have a password to it? Feb 21, 18:17
Jackmaca someone get it to work? Feb 21, 15:49
Fabienne bonsoir clé de voute ne fonctionne pas :( merci Feb 21, 08:53
Shinyshu Some items get removed @Teratofu Feb 20, 20:43
Neobilly Can a Lando-T from Pokecheck be used to get the reveal glass? Feb 20, 15:25
Teratofu I just wanted a lucky egg? Feb 20, 14:58
Teratofu Why can you no longer send items? Feb 20, 14:58
Adv Basstek tu dois modifier la configuration du wifi de ta console tu dois définir le DNS pour que cela fonctionne sur 5G. Si c'est pour avoir en 4G tou dois passer par un routeur avec une connexion WEP uniquement compatible Feb 20, 14:19
DojiSan will it work if I have the game's ROM? Feb 20, 13:25
DojiSan must i have a real copy of Pokemon BW? Feb 20, 13:24
Teratofu Tested it on Diamond. All is a go! Feb 20, 12:57
Teratofu I had to set up a separate router that could change to WEP because my Xfinity router wasn't having it. Feb 20, 12:57
Megacape I figured out how to get GTS in platinum working. took a good minute but hell yea, FINALLY!! Feb 19, 13:31
Bassteck bonsoir comment faire pour utiliser pokechek aider moi svp Feb 19, 13:21
Fabienne bonsoir moi je n'arrive pas a mètre la clé de voute dans la tour :( Feb 19, 10:58
Vegito72 Will there ever be a pokecheck discord server? Feb 19, 09:30
Avavago to whomever will read - i figured it out! Feb 19, 05:28
Avavago anyone know how to not make it say "invalid checksum" when importing file Feb 19, 04:39
Zelen good old times Feb 19, 00:03
Zelen i played stardew valley about 1 year ago and it had very similar underground minigame :D Feb 19, 00:03
Zelen underground was really fun i wish they would bring it back Feb 19, 00:03
Sovi Me and my friends would spend hours mining for stuff together lol! Feb 18, 23:54
Sovi Yess and I loved the underground local!! Feb 18, 23:53
Zelen Diamond was good game :) IV metagame was my favorite because it was first time we could use wi-fi to battle world wide lol Feb 18, 23:49
Sovi Because shortly after I got it, I got Diamond, so I never played LG lol Feb 18, 23:49
Sovi And omggg I gave my LG away for free.... Feb 18, 23:48
Sovi Thanks for the tips!! I'll be sure to be careful when i buy :D Feb 18, 23:48
Zelen i got like 12€ from it -.- Feb 18, 23:40
Zelen i feel like idiot because i sold my own LG years ago to gamestop Feb 18, 23:40
Zelen but yeah online is prolly best bet to find :D just make sure they got good screenshots of their carts Feb 18, 23:39
Zelen it said which made it sound like its some bootleg lol Feb 18, 23:39
Zelen i was about to buy some used Leaf Green for GBA but there was something weird about the cardbox... Feb 18, 23:38
Zelen yeah and even those there are lots of fakes around Feb 18, 23:38
Sovi Might have to check on like... kijiji or craig's list or something, even Feb 18, 23:34
Sovi And yeah the old games can be hard to track down for sure... It'll be sheer luck if I find one at my local shop OTL Feb 18, 23:33
Sovi Wow that's nice!! Aw it's nice to have a game you two can play together :D Feb 18, 23:33
Zelen local ebay heart gold for example is like... 90€ Feb 18, 23:30
Zelen but yeah other games are hard to come by :( Feb 18, 23:30
Zelen i gave ultra moon to my husband just to force him to play with me~ Feb 18, 23:29
Zelen she was like yes yes take them xD Feb 18, 23:29
Zelen yeah i even asked seller if she is sure these 2 games are part of the buy 2 pay 1 deal lol Feb 18, 23:29
Zelen its cheap coz they stillc ost like 40€ normally Feb 18, 23:28
Sovi WOW that's a great buy omg Feb 18, 23:28
Sovi Ooo really?? I'll be careful when buying then :0c Feb 18, 23:28
Zelen i found yday copy of ultra sun and ultra moon used and got them 25€ each Feb 18, 23:28
Zelen gamestop here doesn't seem to be doing too well tbh Feb 18, 23:27
Zelen i know some japanese in level of 3 year old so its SLOW :D Feb 18, 23:27
Zelen I only got B2 in japanese and its bit pain in the ass to play Feb 18, 23:26
Zelen yeah i bet Feb 18, 23:26
Zelen lots of copies going around even on gamestop etc:P sellers dont check their games Feb 18, 23:26
Zelen make sure they are real deals tho Feb 18, 23:26
Sovi Just sucks that i have to buy them all again lol Feb 18, 23:26
Zelen ouch Feb 18, 23:25
Sovi I'm hoping to find some used copies at my local game shop tho!! Feb 18, 23:25
Sovi My sister took them, and we hate each other so never talk lol... Feb 18, 23:25
Zelen well sucks :( Feb 18, 23:24
Zelen oh how did that happen? o.o Feb 18, 23:24
Sovi My copies of white and black 2 and white 2 got stolen... I miss those games, gen V was so fun ;-; Feb 18, 23:24
Sovi It must be some sort of glitch... so weird!! And yeah gen V was definitely a fun game to do that in lol Feb 18, 23:23
Zelen but yeah i guess it doesnt matter Feb 18, 23:22
Zelen it was so easy to abuse in that game anyways Feb 18, 23:21
Zelen but yeah my gen V pokemon are legit rng abuses>.< Feb 18, 23:21
Zelen i checked some clearly hacked OTs that they dont have that zebra icon Feb 18, 23:21
Zelen but no it's not Feb 18, 23:21
Zelen yeah i was suspecting that maybe it was some bookmark for mods to know which ots they check later idk Feb 18, 23:21
Sovi That is weird, I've never seen that before!! Feb 18, 23:17
Zelen my other OTs dont have this zebraska Feb 18, 23:15
Zelen she is trying to drop my pc from table Feb 18, 23:10
Zelen just sec baby is causing havoc -.- Feb 18, 23:10
Zelen it's bit weird Feb 18, 23:10
Zelen next to trainer picture? Feb 18, 23:10
Zelen #1508828 Feb 18, 23:09
Sovi And Seanie, it works on my android phone's hotspot, so as long as you can set your iphone's hotspot to not have a WPA password-thingy, it should work? Feb 18, 23:03
Sovi Zebra icon?? On which version? :0c Feb 18, 23:01
Seanie10 Does this work on iPhone personal hotspot? Feb 18, 19:36
Zelen what does that little zebra icon mean next to trainer picture Feb 18, 13:06
Vegito72 Or is this going to be like when private servers started being possible and pokecheck didn't update the site for like a month to mention it Feb 17, 13:02
Vegito72 When will pokecheck add gts support? Its had gen 5 gts working on retail copies for almost a week Feb 17, 13:01
Negan my dsi browser not work on here anymore Feb 17, 10:50
Megacape oh, ok...thank you. i figured i might have to work with my firewall Feb 17, 01:32
Thad solved - didn't now black uses the system's wif not legacy ds Feb 17, 01:19
Thad mine's stopped working now. but i used an open wifi connection. entereted dns and was fine w platinum Feb 17, 00:53
Megacape and cant get it to work Feb 17, 00:42
Megacape hi did you get it to work on platinum?? im currently trying that right now Feb 17, 00:42
Thad Does it work with Black 2? I have it working on Platinum but not B2. Instead I get error 20110. Help? Feb 17, 00:17
Sovi Yep, that was problem... Working fine now!! I'm so happy <3 Feb 17, 00:00
Sovi Thanks for replying, Zelen!! I think I figured out my problem... I forgot to connect my laptop to my phone's hotspot! It was still connected to my regular wifi!! Feb 16, 23:56
Megacape Aplogies for sounding like an a-hole. Wanted to ask if the pokemon had to have the premier ribbon attached. I want my pokemon with no special IV or EV. I just wanna raise/play with them and against my friends Feb 16, 16:03
Leandogo Saludos! Feb 16, 08:40
Sebaa07 Si hay alguien de habla hispana, los invito a pasar por el grupo Retro Pokemon Argentina Feb 16, 08:10
Sebaa07 Holis Feb 16, 07:56
Sebaa07 Holis Feb 16, 07:56
Zelen i just tested this on my 3ds and pokemon black, works just nice :) Feb 16, 06:39
Zelen hi sovi, we need more detail on the case Feb 16, 06:38
Sovi If anyone can help me out, I'd appreciate it!! I'll come back here daily to check for messages :) Feb 16, 01:57
Sovi It's letting me connect to the gts, but I'm not recieving the pokemon in my queue... Feb 16, 01:54
Sovi GOD BLESS I've been replaying HG and Diamond... SO GLAD I CAN ENJOY PLAYING WITH ANY POKEMON I WANT AGAIN <3 Feb 16, 01:46
Daxster holy shot when did it come back up?! Feb 15, 19:00
Capsora Does this work with DeSmuMe? Feb 14, 20:52
Shinyshu I am able to download pkm in gen 5 through my 3DS without any patch, you just can't deposit pokemon Feb 14, 20:20
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