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Aurakid Of all my Pokemon* Aug 8, 17:52
Aurakid Weird to see that a Charmander has the most downloads. Aug 8, 17:52
Aurakid Apparently. Feels nostalgic to see the Pokemon I uploaded onto here. Aug 8, 17:50
Spike This is back up? :O Aug 7, 08:20
Evo25 you can @rearer12 you just need a flashcart to move them then trade to retail gen5 then bank to g6/7 Jul 29, 08:02
Rearer12 I really wish i caould access this mons in ultra moon Jul 29, 05:55
Rearer12 Make all your mons public. So people can spread them in ultra moon and generations to come. Lol. Jk Jul 29, 05:55
Evo25 oh yeah haha on twitch pretty much the same name evo2587 on there though Jul 28, 18:49
Dewey911 I know, right!? I think I saw one of your channels though :p you were SRing for a shiny and missed a shiny Zekrom iirc :p Jul 28, 18:44
Evo25 omg dewey long time dude Jul 28, 17:01
Dewey911 Oh dear god, the memories, the feels! Jul 27, 19:08
Filip Very cool, to anyone interested I've made all my pokemon public, stopped collecting in 2016. Enjoy. Jul 23, 08:53
Kobo1d Thank you for putting back up! I thought a few of my pkm were lost forever! Jul 21, 23:01
Leracos wow, the database is restored! Jul 20, 13:27
Jolteon5 is gone. The address now redirects to a shady webpage that immediately tries to install badware on my computer. :( Jul 15, 20:39
Jolteon5 Oh my. I never expected to ever see this site again. I don't expect to ever use it again, since there's no current gen support and the Gen 4 & 5 support was broken not long after the site disappeared...but what memories! Never expected to see my Pokémon again either. Though they may never make it back to my games, they're safe on my computer now! Jul 15, 20:32
Asdef oh wow this site is back! hi everyone Jul 15, 09:14
Turdbag So are we still able to download our pokemon or is it impossible since wi-fi is taken away? Jul 8, 17:14
Klepsydr Thank you. After all these years, I was finally able to download everything I uploaded. Jul 7, 12:49
Kimba15 Daaaang. Me too. I wish I could connect with Ultra Moon as well. Jul 1, 13:58
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