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Dw97 wow hi Oct 15, 16:13
31x6 Also if any of the mods are here, pass a big fucking design of the fucking decade to whomever designed pokecheck. Site looks great and performs great. Pokecheck >>>>>>>>>>>>. Porybox Sep 27, 07:28
31x6 #2553008 is this mew legit? Sep 27, 07:22
Tpf oh wow, I can still log into my account :o Sep 24, 11:05
Asdef I'm about as surprised as all of you, thank god its still up Sep 23, 15:17
Pol02k OH MY GOD Sep 7, 09:18
Puddingg damn this site is back? Sep 3, 20:39
Billy124 oof Aug 31, 15:00
Seph I think I want to cry. Aug 30, 14:02
Er1c1996 Wow. Amazed this is back up! All my stuff is still here :o Aug 30, 13:37
Sabresite Yeah use porybox Aug 27, 05:11
Nate97 is there going to be some pokecheck service for gen 6-7? Aug 20, 14:05
Aurakid Of all my Pokemon* Aug 8, 17:52
Aurakid Weird to see that a Charmander has the most downloads. Aug 8, 17:52
Aurakid Apparently. Feels nostalgic to see the Pokemon I uploaded onto here. Aug 8, 17:50
Spike This is back up? :O Aug 7, 08:20
Evo25 you can @rearer12 you just need a flashcart to move them then trade to retail gen5 then bank to g6/7 Jul 29, 08:02
Rearer12 I really wish i caould access this mons in ultra moon Jul 29, 05:55
Rearer12 Make all your mons public. So people can spread them in ultra moon and generations to come. Lol. Jk Jul 29, 05:55
Evo25 oh yeah haha on twitch pretty much the same name evo2587 on there though Jul 28, 18:49
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