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Oscar123 It's a live!! Jun 21, 17:10
Gblue YES! I was finally able to download all of my lost pokemon back :') Jun 10, 21:41
Bibbio9 it's back :') Jun 10, 04:03
Bibbio9 :') Jun 10, 04:03
DarkLuck Generation 4 import pkm file, it does not work. :( Jun 8, 08:56
Billy124 AWESOME!!! Jun 7, 17:38
DarkLuck Yes! I recovered all my Pokémon I did lost because they closing down the page Jun 6, 17:27
Silvar OMG, it's back! It's actually back! Jun 3, 03:52
Alkubzpa Holy damn. It's sort of back May 30, 22:45
Eyedol Sure, it'd just be a matter of having the time and/or desire to program everything. May 22, 18:26
Smasher I'd imagine it could be possible, even with more active security checks. May 22, 17:20
Eyedol I can't speak for Xfr but I doubt he'll implement support for the more recent gens. May 22, 13:05
Eyedol You'd have to use AltWFC, which requires either a hacked 3DS or an Action Replay. May 22, 13:03
Yoano27 And Xfr will do an version for new versions ? :O May 22, 10:31
Yoano27 So how can i bring pokémons whitout dns ? :S May 22, 09:44
Eyedol Xfr explained this in the Features & News. May 22, 08:25
Eyedol The Pokécheck DNS is permanently offline. May 22, 08:24
Yoano27 DNS still offline, when will it be online, any news boy's? May 22, 07:42
Smasher Holy crap, all of my old Pokemon are here! May 21, 20:58
Yoano27 And when the dns will be online please ? :O May 21, 09:44
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