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Evo25 ~evo25/64 weird since pokecheck came back up iv been RNGing something iv not done for a long time other than g6/7 Apr 25, 09:14
Evo25 same with some of mandrews stuff Apr 24, 15:57
Evo25 yeah i had it bookmarked from back then xD Apr 24, 15:57
Invictus I forgot about that, I still have that list and my RNG guide all archived. Apr 24, 15:15
Juez2 QuoteM is QuoteMissy? Apr 24, 10:30
Evo25 IShar···cklist.pdf heres the blacklist compiled by invictus Apr 24, 09:29
Judejew now if you mean legal, that's a different word Apr 24, 07:44
Judejew by definition of the word legitimacy, anything you edit is non-legit Apr 24, 07:44
Psychicw Man, I just got an Elgyem off the gts. If only there was a way I could check its legality. Apr 24, 07:22
Psychicw Oh, you just mean you don't own one, huh? Apr 24, 07:21
Psychicw I mean, do they suddenly become not legit if you use one code for some technical thing? Apr 24, 07:20
Tsubame I wanna use AltWFC though, but I don't have an Action Replay if I want to use my legit carts. Apr 24, 00:20
Psychicw Welp, I set up AltWFC finally. If anyone wants a random Alomomola I put it up on a random DNS I found. It'd be cool if this site would start working again, I need to do another calibration of my White Version. Apr 23, 22:13
Latsu7 >not that many Pokémon was referring to my own private boxes Apr 23, 21:52
IShar anyway I kno whtere used to be a list of people who made lgeit looking hacks. Should I pull anything off here I'd like to be sure it's not one of them, if the list still exists Apr 23, 21:25
IShar "325420 users registered and 10783358 Pokémon were deposited or imported since January 2011" Apr 23, 21:23
IShar >not that many pokemon Apr 23, 21:23
Latsu7 I mean, even though there aren't that many Pokémon stored here, it felt so nice to go down the memory lane :) Apr 23, 14:26
Latsu7 I'm glad this is back. Apr 23, 14:25
Evo25 #1312006 Reminds me of this that I bred and hatched next to youngster joey xD Apr 23, 07:56
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