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M9102913 why sometimes I can't download pokemon though I'm connecting the same internet Mar 17, 21:29
Riddis hey guys can i make pokemon for my pokemon platinum ?? Mar 17, 03:50
Seanie10 I think the dns server needs to change Mar 16, 12:45
Raees122 can we have a rip for pokegts Mar 16, 11:10
NEGAN this site block dsi browser some reason Mar 16, 08:48
Jiraja12 it feels like 2011 again Mar 15, 22:30
Jiraja12 holy crap this works! Mar 15, 22:30
Raees122 Actually it worked for the second time Mar 14, 14:02
Raees122 so far not good Mar 14, 14:01
Raees122 wish me luck bois Mar 14, 13:58
Raees122 going to test this on a fake soul silver game from ebay Mar 14, 13:58
Minghe yay im getting all the version exclusives i didnt have. thanks! Mar 14, 07:17
Eddiezj Gen 6 & 7 support would be great but i doubt it at this point. Mar 13, 20:52
Jakismar Somebody ring the Dinkster? Mar 12, 15:26
Avavago oh wow nevermind im stupid Mar 12, 04:34
Avavago anyone know specifically how to make gen 4, in my case, soul silver work? i think im able to connect to the internet but im met with an error code 71020... Mar 12, 04:33
Wolngpng Gen 5 don't work I swear Mar 8, 15:58
Plumex I get error : 13275 when I try to deposit a pokemon. How can I fix this? Mar 8, 14:49
Toshinw You can't. Mar 7, 13:36
Cpanzi Is there a way to send Pkmn to Gen 4 without a Premier Ribbon attached? Mar 6, 13:39
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