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Shinyshu Yes, although if you only have WPA then only gen 5 games work Dec 11, 10:17
Perii Can I use 3DS? Dec 11, 05:48
Ransam3 Uploading from a game itself has worked for me, but importing a .pkm file has not worked until last night. I'm more than willing to accept the idea that I was probably doing something wrong. Dec 9, 18:04
Vegito72 Shouldn't uploading Pokémon from gen 4 work? Gen 4 has a working gts on unpatched wimmfi atleasy Dec 9, 16:22
Shinyshu the import button works now Dec 8, 19:19
Ransam3 Xfr, whenever I try to import gen 4 .pkm files, they simply do not show up in my box. I have pokemon from SS and Platinum registered, but cannot import files outside of that. Dec 8, 13:44
Xfr I fixed save file registration but don't see any problem with importing gen4 pkm files. What error does this cause? Dec 8, 13:17
Roxvert what is AltWFC? Dec 8, 02:34
Ysecret8 I just tried this and got error 13275 Dec 7, 16:20
Schick69 And registering a save file. Dec 7, 09:01
Shinyshu receiving pokemon via GTS does work without AR, its just the depositing part Dec 7, 08:24
Schick69 I'll give it a try, thanks. Dec 6, 20:01
Mm201 These codes change all https traffic from your game into plain http which bypasses the checks. Dec 6, 19:57
Mm201···i/AR-Codes Dec 6, 19:57
Schick69 So what's the noSSL code? How does that work? Dec 6, 19:54
Mm201 You can get past it with a noSSL code. Dec 6, 19:44
Mm201 Error 13275 is because the nds-constraint exploit doesn't work with the validation server. Dec 6, 19:43
Schick69 If the uploading gets fixed, I'll RNG every shiny I can and upload them here. Dec 5, 16:31
Malbio man this don't WORK Dec 5, 11:06
Ben6239 It's good to see pokecheck coming back. I've really missed it Dec 5, 09:23
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