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Leandogo Saludos! Feb 16, 08:40
Sebaa07 Si hay alguien de habla hispana, los invito a pasar por el grupo Retro Pokemon Argentina Feb 16, 08:10
Sebaa07 Holis Feb 16, 07:56
Sebaa07 Holis Feb 16, 07:56
Zelen i just tested this on my 3ds and pokemon black, works just nice :) Feb 16, 06:39
Zelen hi sovi, we need more detail on the case Feb 16, 06:38
Sovi If anyone can help me out, I'd appreciate it!! I'll come back here daily to check for messages :) Feb 16, 01:57
Sovi It's letting me connect to the gts, but I'm not recieving the pokemon in my queue... Feb 16, 01:54
Sovi GOD BLESS I've been replaying HG and Diamond... SO GLAD I CAN ENJOY PLAYING WITH ANY POKEMON I WANT AGAIN <3 Feb 16, 01:46
Daxster holy shot when did it come back up?! Feb 15, 19:00
Capsora Does this work with DeSmuMe? Feb 14, 20:52
Shinyshu I am able to download pkm in gen 5 through my 3DS without any patch, you just can't deposit pokemon Feb 14, 20:20
Vegito72 Does pokecheck still not support gts? There's servers with gen 5 patchless gts no action replay now Feb 14, 15:55
Shinyshu Nope Feb 14, 10:59
Iscm can you transfer from gen5 to 6 and 7? Feb 14, 10:10
Luna87 well my phones hotspot has the "Open" optuon for the wep or Wpa thing, so if u guys have that it works for the gen 4 games. Feb 13, 17:11
Raees122 idk Feb 12, 00:53
Erom Can i send pokemons to pokemon Ultrasun??? Feb 10, 01:38
Raees122 ds u need to set up the wep thing Feb 9, 06:28
Raees122 nah 3ds uses wpa Feb 9, 06:28
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