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Boubouk I'm trying to get a pokemon from GTS but it doesn't work, it settled the DNS, can someone help me pls ? Jan 18, 10:30
Adv i dont open pokecheck in safari trouble with certificat Jan 17, 12:12
Suptoto i keep getting connection error when i upload a video its weird af Jan 16, 22:58
Seanie10 So is Gen 4 possible to use for this Jan 14, 15:15
Jetzero Holy hell! I can start rnging breedables on 5th gen again! Jan 13, 11:29
Malbio you can't, it's broken Jan 13, 00:35
Seanie10 So how do I get pokecheck to work with generation 4 because I am so curious about it people are getting it to work right somehow I can Jan 12, 22:41
Lukan Hey Kaphotics! It has been a really long time Jan 12, 14:04
Adv it works now in 3DS on gen 5 Jan 10, 16:13
Iflaryon My ds won't connect with this DNS, if I use a different workaround for wifi can I just use that or is there another newsr option? Jan 9, 19:55
Shockkin i want to hack my legit pokemon into the 3DS games from gen 5, can i make pkmn files from this site that will appear legit im the 3DS games? Jan 9, 12:52
Denvirus Why do some pokemon come down with Items, and others come without? Trying to get a master ball Jan 9, 10:40
Suptoto I cant upload battle videos for some reason Jan 8, 19:33
Seanie10 What's wrong with the GTS on Gen 5 Jan 8, 18:19
Meatmeup any idea when gen 5 GTS will be back up? Jan 8, 16:14
Seanie10 does pokecheck also work with Jen for me cuz I see people posting for Gen 4 online and you can download them on GTS but somehow I don't know how you can get it on Gen 4 Jan 6, 17:10
ThePower happy that people liked my stuff lol Jan 6, 14:32
ThePower "Public Pokémon from your account were downloaded 545 times" Jan 6, 14:32
ThePower i just remembered this site after like several years Jan 6, 14:31
Starrug h Jan 3, 16:52
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