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Tackrad i'm just cautious about downloading stuff Jun 17, 22:20
Qbiz If you're hacking don't bother making them legal if you can't google lol Jun 17, 10:51
Tsubame Lol it's been 5+ years I haven't said this, but... no one here is going to help you hack @Tackrad Jun 17, 09:30
Tackrad i was using Pokedit i uploaded to here & it says Invalid trash bytes can someone help me? Jun 16, 22:02
Jskoes Can you upload pokemon from gen 5 now? Jun 16, 18:55
Zkrmshck I can't search for bidoof on platinum, can anyone help? Jun 16, 00:23
Idrofun I can’t See Pokémon in thé site Jun 14, 15:44
Povida never mind its working now Jun 13, 13:06
Povida can someone help me? im getting error 20110 from pokemon soul silver when i try to connect to the gts in game Jun 13, 11:48
Xkniv4s ye you need same ip to get the pokemon from the queue, but idk about the upload restrictions youre talking about Jun 13, 04:09
Tsukiuta Is it true that Save File Registration is currently impossible due to the upload restrictions currently enforced by AltWFC? And if so, is it true that using Pokécheck requires the use of the same IP? Jun 13, 00:59
Tsukiuta This will sound like a question with an obvious answer.. I apologize in advance. Jun 13, 00:58
Zkrmshck is gen 5 working? I see that it doesn't on home but I'm seeing in the chat that it works Jun 13, 00:04
Nellow now it works, I think it stops working because of the signal in the rain haha Jun 12, 19:33
Gabyroll nunca nem vi Jun 12, 12:33
Ghost133 I'm creating my .pkm files via pokedit, is there any reason the pokemon names are japanese when gen 4? gen 5 works fine Jun 12, 07:30
Savagep for gen5 you can use whatever cuz gen5 was realised on dsi and dsi supports wpa and wpa2 i belive Jun 11, 18:38
Savagep for iphone users a better phone Jun 11, 18:33
Savagep and make sure that you queue or check pokemon on your phone Jun 11, 18:31
Savagep so if you re using 3ds or dsi u cant just set wpa connection and expect it to work cuz gen4 is older than that so what you need to do is either remove password or simply setup pass free m hotspot Jun 11, 18:31
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